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While it is important to understand the past.... "how did I get here?" or "what events caused me to take this path?" .... it can also become a place to remain stuck. My style of therapy is to help you understand these past events, identify what coping strategies have helped or caused you to remain unhappy, and then assist you to create a vision towards what is possible. Everyone has challenges to face. I help my clients understand that how you face those challenges, will make the difference to creating solutions for living.

My areas of specialty are in relationships: whether it be with couples, individuals, parents and their adolescent, your job, siblings, elderly parents. Since I have over 30 + years of experience, the modality I utilize varies per situation. In addition, I am experienced in assisting folks with alcohol & substance abuse problems since 1987.

Progress in therapy is best accomplished when a person feels comfortable in your office, and they feel that the therapist is open-minded, flexible, and compassionate. I view my work with clients as a partnership in change. I am not a "listening, note-taking, laid-back" therapist. My clients leave therapy with tools, options and possibilities they have not previously known.


• 30+ years in practice
• Licensed Clinical Social Worker
• Credentialed Alcohol & Substance Abuse Counselor
• Graduate Degree from Syracuse University School of Social Work (MSW 1981)
• Undergraduate Degree from Brooklyn College (BS 1979)

Evening and Saturday appointments available for your convenience:
• Counseling Services - Your therapy will be customized to fit your individual needs.

Call Gary Dunner at 315-488-1884 to set up an appointment.

Member: National Association of Social Workers
Past Fellow: NYS Society for Clinical Social Work

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